What number do I enter?
Use the 12 or 13 digit barcode number to get a quote


Quality Guidelines?
We only accept Region 1 DVDs

We only accept United States/English titles for all Video games

DVDs, CD’s and Video Games must be in excellent condition with no scratches, cracked, chipped, skipping, or missing artwork. Items must have case and original artwork. If we reject an item you are responsible for return shipping. Broken cases will be replaced at a cost of $0.60/ case which will be deducted from your payment.

Is there a minimum order?
There is no minimum at this time. In order to receive shipping credit you must sell us at least $25 worth of products.

How is pricing figured?
The price is calculated using our custom pricing model. Using information from the internet we give you the best possible price for your used media.

How is payment made?
The following payment methods are available:


How long will it take to get my money?
Payment through PayPal is instant once we have received and verified your shipment. We verify shipments within 24 hours of receiving them.

Does Garots Media cover shipping cost?
We offer shipping credit on orders over $25. The shipping credit is based on the total dollar amount of your order and does not always cover the total shipping cost. You can see this shipping credit in your cart as you add titles. It will not show up until you have reached the $25 minimum. To keep your shipping costs down please consider USPS Media Mail when shipping your items.

Will I be charged for the PayPal transaction?
No, we cover all PayPal charges.

How do I change my payment information for an order?
You must contact customer service in order to change any payment information.